Corporate Profile

Healthcare Solution Pioneer

XeoHealth Corporation is a healthcare solution pioneer dedicated to the use of disruptive innovation to automate and simplify previously complex administrative processes.

XeoHealth specializes in healthcare data solutions with the overall objective of enabling our clients with the ability to provide more capable and flexible solutions and services for their membership, ultimately reducing administrative costs.

With a core belief and dedication to bringing solutions and value to the healthcare community while offering easy to use products. The XeoRules® platform has become the standard for excellence in real time adjudication.

Set out below is the Group Structure for the Net 1 UEPS Technologies, Inc. healthcare subsidiaries:


XeoHealth Corporation is a 100% owned subsidiary of Net 1 UEPS Technologies, Inc, a leading NASDAQ listed information technology company.

Net1 UEPS Technologies, Inc is a payments processing technologies provider to the financial, retail, telecom and under-banked markets.

Net1 UEPS Technologies, Inc's system is used for banking, international money transfers, voting and identification.

Net1 UEPS Technologies, Inc focuses on the development and provision of secure transaction technology, solutions and services. Its core competencies around secure online transaction processing, cryptography and integrated circuit card (chip/smart card) technologies are principally applied to electronic commerce transactions in the telecommunications, banking, retail, petroleum and utilities market sectors worldwide.