XeoRules® Provider Support Center

Provides support staff with the ability to access processed data

Designed as a Payer support staff tool, XeoRules® Provider Support Center provides support staff with the ability to access data which is required when interfacing with the provider community.

A holistic view of the data is vital to support staff. XeoRules® Provider Support Center offers transparency for each and every individual claim.

    • Support staff have access to the entire claims process, from the original EDI transactions to the EDI response transactions and all information concerning the adjudication processing;
    • Support staff can easily retrieve claim information using the comprehensive search functionality;
    • Support staff can view information across multiple organizations, based on security permissions, which can be filtered down to applicable applications with the click of a button;
    • The dashboard provides a summary of daily processing activities, providing both business users and support staff with an overview of the health of the claims data.