Processing & Plan/Benefit Design

The XeoHealth solution, grounded by its flagship product suite XeoRules®, empowers Payers to respond to requirements whilst still allowing them the ability to create new and innovative benefit designs. XeoRules® is a proven flexible healthcare solution that utilizes an innovative agnostic non-pattern-based approach to benefit rule design and definition.

How XeoHealth Can Help

  • Respond to market-drivers, federally mandated changes, health reform driven requirements and create innovative benefit models effectively and rapidly using our patented rule-stacking technology;

  • Complex rule definition flexibility allows for better identification and control over fraud, misfiled claims and resulting overpayments;

  • Implement complex benefit designs such as diagnosis-based, patient-specific or pay-for-performance designs;

  • Test and assess proposed adjudication changes through sophisticated in-parallel rule modeling.

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