About XeoHealth

We believe that at the heart of XeoHealth innovation you won’t find microchips nor protocols, source code nor diagrams; just our core set of values.

1st Principle:
An Informed Provider Community

Guaranteed system availability and detailed response means providers knowledge workers understand and can respond at the time of claims submission and can complete their work.  Understanding their financial impacts.

2nd Principle:
Flexible IT Systems

The highly flexible rules-based system from XeoHealth ensures Health Insurance product design and creativity is never inhibited by system constraints.

3rd Principle:

Meaningful Reporting

All XeoHealth products result in accurate, timely, patient-centric information which provides payers with the information critical in today’s strategic decision-making process.

4th Principle:

Corporate Governance

Fundamental to XeoHealth’s beliefs is the adherence to compliance coupled with regulatory standards, builds the foundation for a longer lasting and more flexible solution.

5th Principle:

Proactive Healthcare Solutions

XeoHealth’s strategic planning and industry awareness means our clients are always ready for industry challenges and changes.

Who We Are

XeoHealth is an independent solution company offering adaptable healthcare rules based technology which accommodates complex benefit design, such as adjudication, modeling and augmenting existing enterprise systems through synchronous real-time management of healthcare data.

Our adaptable healthcare claims processing and managed care services are designed to accommodate the multifaceted business requirements necessitated by benefit design driven by the emerging US healthcare alternative payment model (APMs). XeoHealth’s patient-centric healthcare claims processing solution extends to all healthcare claim types; professional, institutional, dental, and vision all in one cohesive system.