Management Team

Our standard of excellence is backed by professionals with over 35 years of experience in the healthcare industry

Healthcare Solution Pioneer

XeoHealth was founded in 2008 by an international company in South Africa, but is currently a US company located in Middletown, MD. With a foundation of over 40 years of international realtime healthcare claims processing and 12 years of real time healthcare claims processing in the US, XeoHealth Corporation is a healthcare solution pioneer dedicated to the use of disruptive innovation.

XeoHealth specializes in healthcare data solutions with the overall objective of enabling our clients with the ability to provide more capable and flexible solutions and services for their membership, ultimately reducing administrative costs. We are dedicated to bringing solutions and value to the healthcare community, while offering easy to use products. The XeoRules platform has become the standard for excellence in real time adjudication.

Lisa S. Miller

Chief Executive Officer

Brian Ritchie

Chief Technology Officer

Shane Eagar

Director of Analytics and Finance

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