window to adjudication information for the payer’s provider community.

The XeoPortal™ is a payer window for the payer’s provider community. The XeoPortal™ provides the ability for the payer’s provider community to direct data enter claims directly into the payer’s environment, search for previously adjudicated claims and submit special handling claim such as appeal or late claims which may require approvals from claims staff.   

The XeoPortal™ created for the payer to apply their own branding to the portal.   The payer’s logo and color scheme is applied for continuity.  Single sign-on from a payer’s main portal or stand alone sign sign on is also supported.   

All claims created by the portal are ASC X12 EDI compliant to the type of claim submitted, and are submitted to the same file submission process as all other payer claim files.   The portal files are identifyable as portal claims.   Payer staff are able to identify the portal claims within the XeoRules™ Payer Provider Support Center.    



Providers are able to self manage their claims within the portal:


  • Submit a claim
    • Institutional
    • Professional
    • Late Submission (Rules determined by payer)
    • Back-out claims
  • View Immediate Results of Adjudication and correct any errors at time of submission   
    • A feature of XeoRules Real Time Adjudication
  • XeoSearch 
    • Ability to search over two years of claims submissions
      • Denied
      • Rejected
      • Paid 
      • Reprocessed
        • System links original to reprocessed claim