XeoRules Dashboard

The core of the XeoRules product suite

Referred to as the core of the XeoRules product suite, the approachable web-based interface, XeoRules® DashBoard provides its users with a simple means to move from Module to Module, configure business rules, create benefit designs, capture claims, reverse, reprocess, search, upload metadata and administer general features (e.g. configuring security permissions).

Through XeoRules innovative and advanced rule configuration abilities, complex business scenarios are enabled, eliminating the concept of pended claims.  XeoRules never pends an adjudicated claim for any reason. 

Costly manual processes are also eliminated by the claims staff who use the power of XeoRules® Designer to address ever changing business needs. XeoRules® Dashboard’s functionality allows the payer’s claim staff and provider’s community the ability to enter paper claims and reverse claims.



  • Offered as Software as a Service the innovative centralized web interface solution provides an unequaled combination of capabilities unparalleled in any other solution
  • Intuitive easy-to-use interface
  • Complex rule application in a scalable, flexible and customizable manner on healthcare claim types
  • Patented rule stacking technology, constructed in real-time, allows for the creation of a unique rule for a patient for a product or service, within a plan