XeoRules Provider Support Center

Provides support staff with the ability to access data required when interfacing with the provider community

A holistic view of the data is vital to support staff. XeoRules Provider Support Center offers transparency for each and every individual claim.   

The support center provides the cradle to grave view of the EDI submission process.  View the provider’s “daily file”  submission process. The system automatically sees the file as separate interchanges if more than one occurs within the physical file. If the EDI is healthy enough, the system then proceeds to “counts and amounts” displaying the acknowledgements in order, TA1, 999, and 277CA, providing the counts of how many claims were contained within the transmission. How many TA1s were sent back to the provider, how many 999s, how many 277CA’s, how many 837s were process, how many dollars were submitted in total, how many dollars were submitted to the adjudication system, how many dollars are “paid”, and how many were “rejected”.    

This support center puts all artifacts at a support analyst’s finger tips when responding to questions for a provider regarding their EDI claim submission questions. 



  • Support staff have access to the entire claims process, from the original EDI transactions to the EDI response transactions and all information concerning the adjudication processing
  • Support staff can easily retrieve claim information using the comprehensive search functionality
  • Support staff can view information across multiple organizations, based on security permissions, which can be filtered down to applicable applications with the click of a button
  • The dashboard provides a summary of daily processing activities, providing both business users and support staff with an overview of the health of the claims data
  • The transacted HIPAA standards are viewable within the Provider Support Center
  • Access to data is role based where each role determines access to information and functions
  • Intuitive user interface with drill-down functionality