XeoSearch Module

A robust search engine designed for ease of search and speed

The XeoSearch Module allows both the payer and provider community the ability to search on fields which the system has access to. Configurable during the implementation phase, or just using the “out of the box” fields, the already defined fields provide both file level, claim level, and line level search capabilities.  

For the payer, additional internal fields are also exposed for searching such as internal contracting information, and payer based proprietary fields.   

Results sets for the payer include a timeline of the claim and all actions which the system has performed on the claim.  Items include, geomapping – location where the claim origination ( based on rendering provider),  payer staff members actions, date and times, notes, reprocessing, links to data objects ( i.e. acknowledgements, EDI, internal file formats, encounter submissions, etc). and any other actions which may be proprietary to the business flow of the claim with in the payer enterprise.  



  • Ability to search mutiple complex data elements 
  • Claim geo mapping built in
  • Claim Timeline – all claim activity available on a visible timeline
  • All artifacts concerning the claim available visually
    • Artifacts can be clicked on and viewed from timeline
  • Configurable during implementation